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The Leading Specialist in Wills and Estate Planning Protect
Your family
Immediate Download


LastTestamentWill (TM) is the leading provider of last will and
testament forms. Unlike other online providers, LastTestamentWill
specializes in state specific Last Will and Testament forms and other
estate planning documents. All documents are professional, reviewed
periodically and available for immediate download.

Used By Attorneys And Law Offices Alike Across The Nation
Protect your family and assets today with professional and trusted
estate planning legal forms. Start By selecting your forms on the

Printable State Specific Forms

Saves You Time and Money

Easy and Convenient To Use

Protects Your Family and Assets

Location: [Please Select Your State.] [BUTTON Input] (not

Last Will and Testament Forms
Married with Adult Children
Married with Minor Children
Married with Adult & Minor Children
Married without Children
Single with Adult Children
Single with Minor Children
Single with Adult & Minor Children
Single without Children

Estate Planning Forms
Revocable Living Trust
Trust Agreement
Living Will
Standard Printable Forms
Immediate Download
State Specific Forms

Last Will and Testament Instructions

1. Choose the appropriate Last Will and Testament Form that best suits
your needs.
2. Discard all copies of old and prior last will and testament samples.
3. Input your information in the last will and testament template and
delete any remaining blank lines.

4. Provide at least nominal gifts to all your children. If you don't
leave them anything, a judge may determine at a later date that you
forgot to do so, should one of them challenge your Will. Even a gift of
$1 to the child you "omit" will suffice. It is not recommended that
you leave a nominal gift to your spouse using this will. In general,
states require that the surviving spouse receive one-third to one-half
of the deceased spouse's estate. If you wish to leave less than half of
your estate to your spouse, consult with an attorney.

5. After having purchased and downloaded the printable online last will
and testament kit and filled out your information, review your answers
carefully so that they clearly and accurately reflect your intent.

6. Select the appropriate witnesses. All states require two witnesses,
with the exception of Vermont. However, it is strongly recommended that
you have three witnesses sign your Will in the event a witness dies or
moves to another state. Your spouse or children do not serve as
witnesses. Your witnesses must be at least 18 years of age and should
not be a beneficiary to your Will.

7. Select an appropriate executor and alternate executor. Ideally,
these individuals should reside in the same state. Otherwise, it would
be costly for your executor to travel back-and-forth to manage your
estate. Some states require that out-of-state executors post a cash
bond, even if you have waived this requirement in your will.

8. Notarizing your Will is unnecessary, unless you choose to complete a
Self-Proving Affidavit simultaneous with the signing of your Will. It
is strongly recommended that you complete the Self-Proving Affidavit,
unless you live in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Ohio, or
Vermont, where they are not permitted. (In California, all wills are
considered "self-proved" once they are properly signed and executed by
the testator and all witnesses. In Louisiana, signing your Will in the
presence of the witnesses before a notary public is required.) A
Self-Proving Affidavit will make it unnecessary for your witnesses to
appear in court to affirm your Will's validity after your death. The
Affidavit can potentially save your beneficiaries and witnesses
considerable inconvenience. It also gives your Will an extra layer of
authentication that can help your beneficiaries avoid a long and costly
probate process. (The Affidavit is found at the footer of all Wills
from our site).

9. Sign a single copy of the will together with all witnesses and
distribute unsigned copies. Witnesses must be in your immediate
presence and must observe your actual signing of the Will, and all the
witnesses must observe the other witnesses signing the Will. You do not
need to read your Will to them, and it is unnecessary for them to read
it. However, they must clearly understand that the document is your
Last Will and Testament. You must clearly explain to them that you
intend the document to function as your Will upon your death. If your
state permits a Self-Proving Affidavit, and if you elect to attach one
to your Will (recommended), remember that the same witnesses who
observed your signing the Will should also observe your signing the
Self-Proving Affidavit. Have the notary present at the signing of your
Will, and then sign the Will and the Self-Proving Affidavit at the same
ceremony. Remember, only prepare and complete one original Will. You
should not have more than one original or even photocopies of your
signed Will. Doing so can complicate matters if you wish to create a
new will at a later time, as it may prove difficult to track down all
copies of your old Will. Instead, consider providing your
beneficiaries, executor, and alternate executor each with an unsigned
copy of you Will.

10. Store your will. Store your Last Will in a safe place, and let
your executor and alternate executor know where they can find and
access your original Will upon your death.

All last will and testament forms are available for every state in
the US including the District of Columbia DC

Alabama AL Indiana IN Nebraska NE South Carolina SC
Alaska AK Iowa IA Nevada NV South Dakota SD
Arizona AZ Kansas KS New Hampshire NH Tennessee TN
Arkansas AR Kentucky KY New Jersey NJ Texas TX
California CA Maine ME New Mexico NM Utah UT
Colorado CO Louisiana LA New York NY Vermont VT
Connecticut CT Maryland MD North Carolina NC Virginia VA
Delaware DE Massachusetts MA North Dakota ND Washington WA
Florida FL Michigan MI Ohio OH West Virginia WV
Georgia GA Minnesota MN Oklahoma OK Wisconsin WI
Hawaii HI Mississippi MS Oregon OR Wyoming WY
Idaho ID Missouri MO Pennsylvania PA
Illinois IL Montana MT Rhode Island RI

Writing a last will and testament free template document is a very
tedious task and attorneys are extremely costly. The last testament
will package contains a do it yourself last will and testament blank
forms templates that are very easy to download, print and use. These
last will and testament legal forms has been professionally drafted
using a friendly format that is simple and easy to understand. Get your
last testament and will forms now.

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LastTestamentWill All rights reserved. Disclaimer: The
information in this site is not legal advice. Terms of use.

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